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Strands Paracord Parachute Cord Rope Climbing Emergency Survival Kit Outdoor Hiking Accessories

Strands Paracord Parachute Cord Rope Climbing Emergency Survival Kit O


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Multifunctional: This great paracord is the most multifunctional and priced close to ordinary 550 paracord.It has higher strength than ordinary 550 paracord, with better elasticity and softness.You'll be excited to recommend to anyone using it for camping, survival bracelet,DIY stuff or survival kit!

Long Paracord: This paracord is measured 5/32 inches in diameter and 103 feet in length.It has exciting life-saving multifunction,inside including 7 triple strands,1 Dyneema fishing line,1 waxed linen and 1 cotton sewing thread.You'll find this paracord is a great, professional and practical invention!

Waterproof Waxed Linen Tinder:The 0.3mm incendive linen soaked in wax water which is the best fire-starting strand on the market can help you light a fire in an emergency,even in heavy rain because it's waterproof for the wax treament.

1 Fishing Line and 1 Cotton Thread:The Dyneema PE braid fishing line,50 lb test, much higher strength than nylon fishing line,can be used for sea or river fishing,or invisible rope traps for snakes and hares.The cotton thread can help to sew clothes or wounds in an emergency.

The paracord can be used for paracord crafts such as Boot Laces,Survival Bracelets,Survival necklace,Call lanyards,Dog Leashes,Work Lanyards,Knife Hilts & Axe Handle Wraps

Material: Nylon, polyester
Rope Diameter:4mm
Rope Standard:10 inner strands
Features:Durable,wear-resistant,easy cleaning,environmental protection
Total Length:31m
Color:Black,dark green,green,orange,khaki
Usage:DIY paracord bracelet,necklace,watch,belt,dog collar etc
Item Type: Outdoor camping rope survival kit
Model Number: Parachute cord
Package Included:
1x Paracord Cord Rope